Madame’s Pioneers: Elizabeth Impey

E.S. Impey 1897 Elsie Impey (1897)

Elizabeth, known as Elsie completed her training at Madame Bergman Österberg’s College in 1897.  She contributed to the successful introduction of hockey at college as she had played the game at The Mount School and Polam Hall.

In 1904 Elsie began her medical training, aged twenty seven, at Birmingham University.  She qualified as M.B., Ch.B., in 1911 and worked in local hospitals in Birmingham.

She accepted a post in 1915, as Medical Officer at Dufferin Hospital for Women, in Lahore. She embarked on her voyage to India on SS Persia in December 1915.   On 30th December the ship was torpedoed in the Mediterranean.  Elsie helped many people to the life boats and saved fifty nine passengers before diving into the water from the ship and was never seen again.