Madame’s Pioneers: Hanna Gustava Flyborg


Hanna Flyborg bHanna Flyborg (1897)

Madame Bergman Österberg’s College in 1897 and was listed as a member of staff at the Women’s College of Baltimore in 1897-98.

Madame Bergman Österberg’s report, dated 1898, indicated that Hanna had reported that hockey had been introduced to the college in 1897. This was well before Constance Applebee started her pioneering programme in 1901.

Hanna also made reference to the use of Zander machines at the college, which were popular in gymnasiums in America.

She also stated: I have had an admirable opportunity of keeping up my studies in Anatomy at the Women’s Medical College. In May I passed the final examination for the doctor’s degree in Anatomy. Madame invited Hanna to join her staff in 1898.