Madame’s Pioneers: E.R. Clarke

Clarke E R

Edith R. Clarke was a pupil at Rochester Grammar School before she became a student at MBÖ’s college in 1904.

On completion of her course, E.R. as she was known, was appointed a member of staff at Roedean School and then, in 1910, Madame invited her to return to college to join her staff. E.R. took charge of games, dancing and assisted with teaching practice.  E.R. was a very well respected hockey coach and she played hockey for England for many years.

She was a founding member of the Ladies Lacrosse Association in 1912.

E.R. was also a lacrosse internationalist and she was the Captain of the very first England Lacrosse Team in 1913.  E.R. was a talented games player and also played tennis at Wimbledon.

Madame was clearly forward thinking as she asked E.R. to attend a Dalcrose Course in Europe in 1913. Unfortunately, the outbreak of WW1 meant E.R. had to return to England and resume her post on the staff at college.

E.R was a well known figure in the world of women’s sport in the first decades of the 1900s. She regularly wrote columns with ideas for players and coaches in Hockey Field and Lacrosse.  In 1911 she wrote a letter to the magazine supporting the Southern Ladies Lacrosse Club’s decision to adopt gymnastic dress for their matches.

E.R. was appointed an H.M.I. just before Madame died.