Madame’s Pioneers: Winifred O. Legg

W.O. Legg 1913 1

Winifred O. Legg (1913)

Winifred was a pupil at Highbury High School before she entered MBÖ’s college in 1911. Her first teaching post was at Berkhampsted High School where she joined her college Senior, Florence Jaeger, in the Games Department. Winifred later undertook a course at Swanley Horticultural College and, during WW1, taught at Baliol School in Sedbergh .

Winifred played lacrosse for England in 1913. In 1924 she published a book called Lacrosse for Beginners. (It was a fore runner of Margaret Boyd’s book about coaching lacrosse which she wrote in 1959.)

Winifred’s description of the lacrosse goalkeeper’s outfit: cricket pads, a chest and abdominal protector and good padded gloves demonstrates the limited amount of protection these players had at that time. The rules suggest that the tunic should be of regulation length – three inches off the ground when kneeling. On the inside cover is an advertisement for Hattersley’s and at the back of the book are advertisements showing a line drawing of a tunic available from Grahame’s of Leicester. A Lally’s lacrosse stick cost from 15/6 and the “Watson” lacrosse boots were advertised from 7 shillings a pair. This equipment was available from Alec Watson’s in Manchester.

In 1927 Winifred was elected a member of the Ling Council and was appointed to the staff of Chelsea College of Physical Training in 1928 where she remained until 1942. Winifred was a well known hockey and lacrosse umpire.