Our Hall of Fame

Suggested criteria for inclusion
in this Hall of Fame

Candidates for the Ӧsterberg Collection Hall of Fame are likely to be former students or staff  of  Dartford College of Physical Education who have made a significant contribution to the world, particularly in education, sport or health.

Our Founder

Martina Bergman Österberg

Our Hall of Fame Members

Gillian G Aitkenhead
Rhoda Anstey
Helen Armfield
Signe Bergman
Anna Broman
Edith R Clarke
Winifred Clarke
Phyllis Clubbe

Silvia Cowles
Joyce Cran
Heather Crouch
Mary Duggan
Kathleen E Evans
Hanna Flyborg
Charles B Fry
Caroline (Cara) Gascoigne
Marion W Gray
Mary G Grey
Sally Dewhurst Hands

Mary Hankinson
Kathleen Heinze
Rachael Heyhoe Flint
Pam Jones
Christabel Lawrence
Sheila Leather

Winifred Legg
Ethel R Margoliouth
Kate Marshall
Charles Mauritzi
Kate King May

Jean Milligan
Gwynneth Morris
Tokuyo Nikaido
Ann Packer
Clarice A Partridge
Ethel Adair Roberts
Rosabelle Sinclair
Olive Smith
Pauline Ada Starling
Alice Stephen
Florence Stoney

Norah Strathairn
Eirene Summerhayes

Mary S Tait
Gillian Tetley
Michele Verroken
Vera Volkhovsky   
Robert Wilkes