BÖU Benefit Fund

Money raised during the lifetime of the late Madame Martina Bergman Österberg formed a nucleus of a fund to be applied for charitable purpose as defined in a Declaration of Trust dated the twenty-first day of July, one thousand, nine hundred and fifteen.

Grants from the Fund can be awarded to ex-students and ex-staff of Dartford College of Physical Education or Dartford College of Education who are having financial difficulties or know of anyone having difficulties.

The scope of the Fund has been widened to include ex-students involved with children with special needs, deprived children or other similar groups, to assist them in this work.

The Charity Commissioners allow grants to be made for a variety of purposes and these may include:

  • Payment of travelling expenses for visiting people in hospital, convalescent  homes or similar.
  • Payment to assist in meeting electricity or gas bills.
  • Payment for house services e.g. decorating, insulation, repairs.
  • Payment towards cost of adaptations to homes of the disabled.
  • Payment towards help in the home e.g. bathing, hair washing, chiropody, shopping.

Download the application form for a grant from the Benefit Fund here