Martina Bergman Österberg

MBOMartina Bergman Österberg was born in Skane, Sweden, in 1849. She trained at the Royal Central Gymnastic Institute in Stockholm and was appointed to the London School Board in 1881.  Physical training, following the scientific method of Per Henrik Ling, was her method of teaching, but not her primary aim.  An early supporter of women's suffrage in Sweden, her objective was female emancipation - social, economic and spiritual freedom for women.  Madame Österberg's Physical Training College was founded in Hampstead in 1885 and transferred to Dartford in 1895.  Training at her College was a liberating experience and after leaving College, students continued to influence other educational establishments nationally and internationally.

Madame Österberg
A short YouTube documentary, looking at the legacy of Madame Österberg and her role in the emancipation of women through physical education.