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  • To champion the legacy of Madame Martina Bergman Österberg.
  • To provide opportunities for members to share, support and promote the social and educational values espoused by Madame Martina Bergman Österberg.
  • To promote and ensure the storage, protection and development of
    The Österberg Collection.


  • Regular communication to keep up-to-date with news, views and events (including receipt of an annual magazine and newsletter).
  • Free access to an excellent historical archive of worldwide interest.
  • Being part of a community of loyal and dedicated members.
  • Opportunities to rekindle friendships and remember great times.


  • Full Members: those trained at The Bergman Österberg Physical Training College (later known as Dartford College of Physical Education, Dartford College of Education, Thames Polytechnic, University of Greenwich) and former members of staff.
  • Associate Members: those not eligible for Full Membership, but sympathetic to the BÖU Objectives (stated above).
  • Honorary Life Members: those elected at an AGM for outstanding service to the Bergman Österberg Union.

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